Monday, October 31, 2011

weekend re-cap...

Trick -or- Treat to you!!!
This weekend was packed to the brim, full of birthday fun
(Josie turned 2 last week, and we did a family celebration this weekend)..
It was a great chance to hang out with Brian's family and mine as well...
we all came together for a PAR-TAY!
Prior to celebrating, 2 year old style, my sis and I got to run and do a quick shopping trip!
Here's what was involved in my purchases:
-The Adele cd {get it. TODAY!}
-My very first pair of skinny jeans "Jeggings" to wear with boots! I LOVE them!
Here's a couple of snapshots from the busy day...
i ordered an owl cookie cutter off of and my sweet mom made cut-out gingerbread owls!
i frosted them and used chocolate chips for eyes (Mmmmmm...)
happy cookie froster :-)
finished product... Hoo Hoo
this pic turned out a little bit blurry - but i think captures the moment :-)
an EXCITED birthday girl,
presents galore,
no socks, HELLO!? requirement for little Miss!
A wonderful time was had by all...
HaPpY HaLloWeEn to all..
Be Safe and eat LOTS AND LOTS of Candy {then brush really good and floss for good measure}!

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