Wednesday, October 26, 2011

on my mind wednesday...

oh be still my heart
couple things:
ate frosted flakes for supper lastnight after something went terribley wrong with my homemade mac & cheese - not sure what happened!
colored my hair last night (hello grey's you are not welcome here) and it's a little darker than intended - but i am diggin' it! whew.
the kids are playing with cinnamon scented homemade orange play-doh this AM... yum! pretty sure someone will sneak a taste (i prolly would too)
play & pray group this AM - bundle up!
wearing a black poncho-ish sweater this morning and it is bringing me joy!
it's the simple things in life.
~happy wednesday to all and to all a great day~
have you broke out the christmas music yet???
purchased the michael buble christmas cd yesterday - little does the hubster know we will be listening to it later today! :-) heee heee heeee


  1. whoa hold the phone...I need this recipe for cinn. scented play doh ;) p.s. I eat cereal a lot fo dinner...even if I haven't had failed mac & cheese :) cereal is my favorite and always a good back up!

  2. How about a picture of that pretty new hair color!!?? Xoxo!

  3. Oh geez...I hate when things I make do not turn out as intended :(

    I love Michael Buble!!!! Let me know how his Christmas CD is :-D


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