Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So, Halloween is one of my all time FAVORITE holidays (right up there next to Christmas),
and over the years I have come up with a wide variety of decorations - my favorite things are the vintage items AND my (just beginning) owl collection...
I snapped some pictures of these findings this morning so I could share with YOU!!!
Here ya go friends...
This sparkly little fellow rests his weary bones on top of my TV and brings me OH so much JoY!
Love her so much I put orange sugar all around her!!! She is under a hurricane on a pedestal I have had forever...
This was my first actual owl collection piece! (Thanks Mama!) It holds my sugar AND my heart!
My antique salt and pepper shakers, teapot and paperweight.
That's about all I had time for this morning...
I hope you are all enjoying this fine Tuesday...
Here's hoping for treats!

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  1. Oh the sugar disH! So cute! I also love owls- girl we were meant to be buds :)


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