Monday, October 10, 2011

pArT 2

The wait is over... here is part 2 of our girl's weekend!!! I am having so much fun re-hashing, unpacking and relishing in all of the goodness that is my dear mother, sister and BFF!
**You are extraordinary ladies!**
Me in all my girls weekend glory!!!! The bracelet you are seeing is a leather cuff with a spoon handle attached and stamped on it is "blessed mama"!!!! I saw this at a sale (I'm going to be blogging about lately called "Mama's Happy") and had a small cardiac attack! MAMA LIKEY!
My SWEET nephew baby Ben (aka Ben Buttons) got to come with his mama!!! He was a gem!
Each of us was greeted with this ever so fabulous table set up at mama's - we each got a mug, caramel apple and owl tea light!!!! Ohhhh Mama... you outdid yourself!
:-) only my mother! Happy Tricks or Treats y'all!
Woke up to crunchy leaves on the sleek (or not so sleek, you decide) mini van...
Yours truly - enjoying the occasional sales!!
Autumn in all it's glory...
If you are looking for me, I will be on this bench looking at an Oprah magazine and drinking coffee... just say'n!
~May you all have sweet dreams~


  1. My oh my!!! What fun! The owls are uh-mazing!!!!! And you look great girl! Beautiful :)

  2. Sounds so lovely! I'm jealous! Your mama definitely knows how to decorate!! And I love the pics of the fall leaves.


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