Tuesday, December 20, 2011

do you headband??

what is your take on headbands?
do you wear them?
do they hurt your head and avoid them like the plague?
I prefer soft, cloth, wide headbands - keeps my hair out of my eyes and looks funky too!
Santa, if you are reading... a headband or 2 would fit into a stocking like a gem! :-)
found some ideas to share:
can i just say that if i could be a red head - i would!
i love red hair.
happy head banding!!!
~mama chick~


  1. yes...i most certainly do!! i wear a funky headband almost everyday of the week...true story. :) i prefer to make mine though...the funkier and more colorful the better. ;)

  2. Hi friend!! Head banding...I L-O-V-E head banding! I have naturally curly (out of control/frizzy/wonky/beastly) hair. Anything that can help tame that beast is a friend of mine. Things have been nuts-o in our neck of the woods...taking a few big deep breaths...making myself sit down a few times a day....remembering to hold onto the good stuff...let go of the not so good stuff...loving all that is Christmas time. Smiles to you today!

  3. I love headbands but the truth is I never wear them. I always buy them in hopes that "this" one won't hurt my head but they do and then they get thrown into the drawer never to be worn. I think I need to try a soft headband though, maybe that wouldn't hurt as bad :)


  4. love headbands!! love that the retro style of wearing them is coming back too!

  5. I love headbands too! But my problem is they tend to slip off my head. I think I have a funny-shaped head at the back :( I still keep trying though!

    Oh, and I'm also a blonde who LOVEs red hair!

    Btw I've been meaning to say: I went on amazon and found some of those leggings you recommended & have been loving the cosy snowy Christmassy feel of wearing them! Thanks!

  6. I feel like I should try to headband....I have bangs though, so idk if it would work.

    And AHHH I have red hair ;)



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