Tuesday, December 20, 2011

happy randoms on tuesday.

Me Too!!! :-)
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ok... THIS is going to be my new screen saver...
it made me cry.
long story short: we had to find a new home for our pup Harley last week and i have cried for hours upon hours... but know that it was absolutely the right decision.
i didn't do a blog post about it because it has been too hard... he just wasn't a good family dog that can handle being around kids and chaos...
someday i will have a golden, and he (or she) will be a wonderful addition to the fam!!!
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seriously... who thinks of these things!
genius people.... GE-NI-US!
**Have a SPARKLY kind of day sweet friends**
p.s. this morning, my daughter barged in the bathroom and proceeded to have a conversation with me while i was trying to, well, pee... and then i started thinking... when was the last time i wasn't barged in on?!? it's been awhile!!! the life of a mama! :-)
p.s.s. the body-wave perm i received on saturday kicks some seeerious booty! i love it!
xx's and oooooo's


  1. Oh, sweet friend. I'm so sorry to hear about Harley. I once had to give up a dog, and it broke my heart. Hopefully a family without kiddos and chaos will adopt him and give him all kinds of love. On a totally different note, glad you love your new do. Post a picture!!

  2. oh sorry to hear about your pup! We have 2 crazy labs...for the past few months they basically have lived in the basement...they are really good with kids but need constant attention...which I can't give them. I hoping that after baby is born I will be the good dog owner I once was :)

  3. I hope you're keeping your head up about your pup. Sometimes even the 'right' things are the hardest.


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