Friday, December 2, 2011

hardy har har

I am feeling extremely giddy and jolly right about now...
I get to see my hubby tonight (dude's been workin' out of town)
AND spending the night in a beauteous hotel with the FAM'.... WITH a pool
Here's a few happy things to share:
"Wham Bam Thank you Cam" :-)
Do you guys watch "Modern Family??"
If not........ DO IT!
AND be close to a potty... you'll laugh so hard you may pee a little!
not gonna lie... this made me chuckle (ok, laugh out loud - really loud), and it's kinda realistic...
OK, VERY realistic! :-)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend...
I am headed to the MaLL oF aMeriCa!!!!
Once there, I plan to ride rides, eat a yummy lunch, oh yes, AND go to Urban Outfitters!
See y'all on Sunday,


  1. Have SO much fun at the MoM! ;) Also, that last image is HILARIOUS!

  2. oh have fun with your husband and family! I have never been to Mall of America! Sounds ideal during Christmas time :)

  3. Have a wonderful weekend with your fam! I'm a little jealous you're going to Mall of America...just a little. Wave at Ikea for me and don't forget H&M! Ha!

  4. I hope you had fun!!


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