Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a new day!

so yesterday was not the best day in the world...
it involved:
a lot of vomit
a whole bunch of diarrhea (tmi??)
carpet cleaner
furniture cleaner
5 pairs of pajama changes
a whole slew of diaper changes
deep breaths... DEEEEEEEEP BREATHS.... remember the thing about mary and giving birth in the stable maggie!!!!
a surprise floral delivery from my mama :-)
a husband who never seizes to amaze me... i believe he said "oh honey, it sounds like you have had a baaaaaaaad day. Do you need a little present?" Yes. Yes I do. and he instructed me where to look for the hidden present (pretty sure I had checked everywhere - wow! good hider) and in a little envelope was a Pandora charm.... BE STILL MY HEART!
** do you have a Pandora charm bracelet? **
my new charm is a little link with a horseshoe hanging on it!!!! oh how i miss riding! my sweet hubby is so thoughtful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you honey. so much.
thank you for making me the happiest woman out there!
P.S. so far no "output" at this house from the sick little chickie! alleluia. amen. knock on wood. fingers crossed. holding my breath.


  1. Praying for no more poopsplosions for you!

  2. ohhhh so not fun for you! haha ok on a funny note...I make our kids sleep on our master bath room floor when they have the stomach and all is set up in there...I am not a fan of that type of cleanup :) So glad you found you present!

  3. OH MY!! You DID have a rough day! Thank God for your great hubby and mama! We have the tum flu going around here, too, but it's not as bad as yours sounds... no carpet cleaning necessary in our house... yet.
    I hope your little baby is better soon!

  4. wow...i hear ya...loud and clear about those bad days. I was told yesterday that my youngest wanted a new mommy...yep...true story. :) big hugs you way friend!

  5. this might be one of my favorite blog post of yours ever...funny and sweet, honest and messy...xoxoxo b.

  6. Oh no! That sounds horrible, BUT the present and flowers helped a little, I'm sure :)

    Feeling better, I hope :)

  7. Okay...seriously cracked up at the Kardashian quote! Ha! But, oh so sorry that your wee one has been so sick! Praying she's better and the buck stops with her! Get rest there mama and chill this weekend!

  8. poor babe!!! sicks kids are the worst! hope she is better and no one else got it! xoxoxo!


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