Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well isn't that precious WEDNESDAY...

Good Morning my dears...
--> how is everyone recovering from the grand Christmas celebration?
perhaps you are STILL celebrating?!? (oh dear that sounds tiring...)
we leave for a l-o-n-g weekend up NoRtH in a few days, and I am rip roaring ready for relaxation!
On a new note... I went to Target last night, and about fell flat on my face when I saw that ALL (and I mean ALL) of the Valentine's Day "stuff" was out and ready for action!
For REAL people!?
It isn't even January!!!!
What the heck is the rush?
Then I browsed, saw a few things that I think I will go back for once Valentine's Day is a little closer.. and moved on.
It was onto the salon to cover up the MASSIVE amount of gray hairs that have decided to make a temporary home on my head!
4 words:
God bless my wonderful hair dresser - she rocks my world and makes everything ok!
not. even. kidding.
I am thinking of sending her a Caribou gift card today... she is awesome... and the gray hairs have been camouflaged for 6 weeks.
Onward and Upward ladies....
Here's a few little thangs that made me smile this morning...
check out this oh so adorable *source*
(this is strictly because Target thinks Valentine's Day is tomorrow - tee hee hee)
I love a fabulous afghan!!!!!
Pinned Image
i would like this hanging in my entry way!!!
so cute :)
Pinned Image
you had me at hello.
YOU had me at hello too!
Love ya,


  1. darling post...i have blog envy-you ROCK! happy Wed. : )

  2. I was just looking online at Anthro last night and was looking at that same pic!

  3. Love that mug--and the afghan--FABULOUS! Do you still love your waves?

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  5. When Hobby Lobby had a full aisle of mangers (for Nativity) in July, I should have bought one (or two!) because when I went back in October they were ALL GONE!! That's two years in a row that I was naive enough to think they would still be there when I returned feeling a bit more festive. Note to self: Buy it when I see it. Even if it's not gone, I will forget where I saw it. Note to Maggie: Go back to Target right away and purchase cute Valentine things, or at least take pictures of them on your phone so you can remember what you missed out on. Love ya Maggie!

  6. Oh girl, you make me laugh out loud. I'm just waiting for grays to find a home on my head (it starts early in my family).

    Anthropologie always has me at Hello <3


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