Monday, December 5, 2011

the people. ohhhhh the people.

the mall of america was complete mayhem - not gonna lie... it wasn't pretty!
my poor darling daughter was so overwhelmed, overstimulated, tired and "over it" by about 10 minutes into the experience....
there were SO MANY PEOPLE and not enough space to walk, push a stroller, deal with a child having a tantrum, sweat a little, and drink a diet coke all at the same time.
i managed to hit a few stores, after miss thang fell asleep in her stroller AND word on the street is that my dimpled dude of a husband purchased something for me and it is hidden in our room... i have looked ALL OVER and still nothin'.... no, i am not 12... yes, i love to know what i am getting for christmas, birthdays, valentine's day, anniversaries, etc... sorry! :-) mama no likey surprises!
we managed to make it home (thru major SNOWFALL) without crawling into balls and crying a little from the madness... the hubster had to plow, josie got the stomach flu, and i have taken several long, hot baths, and am trying to remember to take it all in stride....
if mary can give birth in a stable, then i can handle flu bugs and a traveling husband.
'nough said.
on a different note... found this and had to print it out and plaster it to my cupboard!
made me SMILE!
Happy Monday to you ALL!!!


  1. love your agenda :) boo to the stomach flu...I was double hit by both my kiddos last year while husband was fun!! hope she feel better soon!

  2. Oh bummer! Sorry about the flu! That stinks! Hope your household gets better fast! This mama no likey surprises either ha! Hang in there friend!

  3. Bummer! Sorry your trip wasn't as fabulous as you hoped. I've only been to Mall of America once (in an off-season), and it was still crowded (although nothing like you described). And then to have to deal with the fun! (I am a little jealous of your snowfall, though. Wish we had a little here).Hope your little punky is feeling better soon! XOXO

  4. Best line ever: "if mary can give birth in a stable, then i can handle flu bugs and a traveling husband." I'm SO using that the next time chaos hits our house. ;)

    So sad that MoM wasn't fun for you!

    That cartoon is HILARIOUS.

    Have a great day, friend!

  5. Wow, that experience sounds COMPLETELY overwhelming! I laughed out loud at the comic :)


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