Thursday, December 15, 2011

lil bit o love.

this put a smile on my face!!!
hello pink wellies... i love you!
merry christmas. happy new year. 'nough said.
I asked for this fAbUlOuS rose gold bow necklace for Christmas!!!

A little glitter + a clothes pin = Mama Likey!!!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Say WHAT?!?
Oh how I looooooove Friday!!!
MerrY ChristmaS!


  1. I LOVE the pink boots! Adorable. :)

  2. Are the pink wellies on your list, too? I totally want to see you rockin' the pink wellies!! (And no, I lied: I'm not completely done with my shopping...but I'm close!!!). Happy FRIDAY!! XO

  3. ummmm I too love those pink wellies!!!


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