Friday, December 16, 2011

a little bit of this and a little bit of that....

HaPPy FRIday!!!!!
We made it... yes we did!
It's been a whirlwind of a week, and this morning I contemplated how much energy I had:
*Do I have the energy to curl my eyelashes... that sucker can take a toll on the old fingers..
*Should I brew one pot of coffee, or have another batch for back-up?
*Is it ok to just eat the coffee beans whole??
*perhaps I should whip myself up one of these:
---->how stinking cute is this!!!!
I haven't gotten the best sleep lately, when the hubster is away I sleep with one eye open... but alas, He Is HOME!!!! All is right with the world!!! A*M*E*N!
What are you doing this weekend???
This chick is doing something a little bit crazy... gonna just put the pedal to the metal... life is too short... and hair is hair... right!?! am I right!?? Oh Lord I hope I'm right....
I am getting a body wave perm - I prefer to leave out the "perm" part because it scares me.. so we're going to call it a "Body Wave" that sounds very ocean friendly doesn't it!?
I am hoping that this gives my straight as a board hair some Uumph... a little wave (if you will)...

either that or it is going to look like I stuck my finger in a light socket... either way, I'm cool with it... gotta change it up, embrace something new and fun... after all, it is Christmas! :-)
Pray for me, won't you dear friends?!
On a different note, Miss Thang has discovered the joy of a "Pee Party" aka (a Tea Party) ..
Basically it involves a little table in the kitchen filled to the brim with all of her play cups, plates, silverware, food, etc... and we PAAARRRRTTTAAAYYYY... then she puts it all back in the bucket and starts again... except it's at the actual kitchen table, her bed, the island in the kitchen, last night I think quite a bit of the paraphernalia ended up in the bathtub with her... it's so fun to watch! And hearing her say "My have a PEE PARTY!" in all childlike innocence is a riot!
Join us if you dare! :-)
Have a SPLENDID weekend!
Pee Parties,

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  1. Hey Maggie! It's been so busy that I haven't been keeping up with my blogs at all! Thanks for coming by to say hi though!! I was super excited about the lipgloss in BB this month too... was yours the hot pink?? Love it!! Hope that you are having a peaceful Christmas season. xoxo, Kat


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