Thursday, December 29, 2011

THursDay SmiLeS :-)

These words brought me so much JoY this morning!!!
Found it here...
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I am about as excited as this!!!!!
{found this little lovie here}
We leave for a long weekend getaway - TomoRRow!!
I have a hot stone neck and back massage scheduled at the resorts Spaaaaaaaa for Saturday afternoon - you may hear me sighing and rejoicing all the way from your cozy home!
I have never had the hot stone type of massage and am PUMPED!!!!!
I have not packed (what else is new) but plan to at some point today! :-) or tomorrow morning as we are walking out the door (what usually happens - ha!)
We are ringing in the New Year with FAMILY and it is a guaranteed WONDERFUL time!
** promise to take lots of pics and share them! **
peace out,

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