Thursday, December 1, 2011

flap em

last night we got a very light dusting of snow! ***
just enough to cover the grass - yaaay
so what's a girl to do??
make SNOW ANGEL'S of course!!!!
it looks like miss thang is simply laying in the snow - like someone put her there and told her to hang out for a while while they took pictures (i swear it wasn't me), but actually - she was flapping and moving and making snow angels like a pro! well, after some practice!
i told her to flap her arms up and down and she thought i said "clap",
so she layed in the snow clapping :-)
oh how i love this precious girl!!!!
from one snow angel to another,
happy thursday ******
P.S. in case you were wondering, YES, snow angels suck on yellow pacifiers while doing there work! It's just better that way!
x's and o's to YOU!


  1. adorable! love it...

  2. THAT IS ADORABLE. I can't wait for it to snow here!

  3. What a cutie pie!

  4. "She laid in the snow clapping"--Love it!!! PS Love the snow ensemble!

  5. Soooo adorable! That was my favorite thing to do at that age! I may even enjoy making snow angels now... ;)


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