Sunday, December 18, 2011

hello sunday.

** SouRce**
ok people.... THIS cowl with the little leaf embellishment is making me smile this morning!!!
it is still dark out... Curious George is on, my Toasted Southern Pecan coffee is brewing and me and miss thang are chilling on a Sunday morning before church....
it is the children's program this morning at church (sweet buggy is too little still to take part) and i cannot wait!
there is nothing better than little kids belting out songs in front of an eager congregation - all there to celebrate Jesus' birthday!!!! i may just have to join in :-)
for reals!!!! can we say CREEEEEEATIVE?!?
love. this.
i braved the madness at Target yesterday (let's just say this: i drank my large fountain beverage, studied my list, didn't look left or right, got in. got out. got home!)
it was a success - AND i got a pair of pink sequin shoes for josie on the SaLe rack...
she pretty much loves them AND last night put them on OVER her footie pajamas!
that's how she rolls
- perhaps mama should rock these Uggs and we can rock the town:
yes please.
I hope this finds all of you greeting your Sunday morning with smiles...
Merry Christmas,


  1. oh dear me, i just have to be honest and say that to me those uggs are maybe they'd look good with a hilarious, ugly Christmas sweater-but-what do i know? :) i do love the little pink sequined shoes tho! tee hee hee

  2. I almost bought my daughter sparkle uggs from the Children's Place...they were out of stock and we needed shoes so we settled for hot pink :)

  3. Those cowls are adorable...and so creative. I do have to say that yours handmade things are better looking though...and I can attest to that because of all the compliments I've gotten <3


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